Photos from recent WSA demonstrations:

Nov 6th, 2014 Demo by Nan Rumpf, “resist techniques inspired by Paul Klee and other experimental techniques for abstract watercolor”.


Nan Rumpf

Watermedia demo on paper of realism and abstraction simultaneously by Ted Minchin Spring 2014

IMG_20140507_204202_582IMG_20140507_204550_955IMG_20140507_204659_159Ted Minchin


David Curtis demonstration, Sept 28th, 2014, Oil on Canvas.
This will be raffled at the WSA Spring Show 2015.

IMG_6831DavidCurtis                                                                                            David Curtis in action.


Eli Cedrone  Demonstration, an oil portrait from a photograph.
March 26th, WSA spring 2015


Eli Cedrone Demonstrating in oil spring 2015

rouge et noir

Oil painting by Eli Cedrone