Committees in the WSA

An important part of being a member of the WSA is helping with the various committees that support the activities of the WSA, Inc. Committees are essential to the functioning of the group and provide a wonderful way to get to know other members.

Programs and Demos:

Current Chairs: Mary Forte Hayes and Janet Cerella

  • Organize and arrange 2-4 programs/artist demonstrations per year.
  • In coordination with Needham Art Association plan joint artist demonstration. WSA is responsible on a biennial basis for selecting and organizing the joint demonstration.

Show Chairs:

Current Chairs: Library Show- Yale Nicolls and Yvonne Unger

  • Responsible for collecting Exhibiting Member  show registrations.
  • Making labels for show.
  • Hanging show.

Show Sales:

Current Chair: Nan Daly

  • Contact person for prospective buyers from WSA shows.
  • Contacts WSA artists with buyers contact information.


Current Chair: Maria Babb

  • Organizes refreshments for all programs, asks committee members or WSA members to bring food/beverages for events.
  • Sets up refreshments tables and cleans up after programs.

Social Media:

Current Chair: Nancy Treves

  • Manages and updates WSA website and Instagram account.
  • Coordinates with appropriate chairpersons information to be updated, newsletters, announcements.

Development and Community Outreach:

Current Chair: Judy Noonan

  • Engages community businesses, organizations and individuals for support through monetary donations or needed gifts in kind.
  • Identify community needs and opportunities for WSA to engage in community activities.

New Member Coordinator:

Current Chair: Nan Rumpf

  • Serves as the contact person for artists and friends interested in joining WSA, provides membership information.
  • Coordinates and collects potential exhibiting members artwork who send 3-5 images and an artist statement.
  • Chooses 3 other WSA members to jury artwork (online).
  • Once an artist has been accepted, sends an email of congratulations, engages new member to help and assign to a committee, and asks for material for website. If a potential member is denied membership, a brief explanation and constructive comments from jury should be provided.
  • Contacts social media chairperson to add new member information and images for website.

Membership Coordinator:

Current Chair: Nancy Present Von Broekhoven

  • Maintains and updates member directory on Excel. 
  • Coordinates member renewals in September.
  • Communicates member status changes to Social Media and other committee chairs. 
  • Collects member names for various committees and communicates those to chairpersons.